Bodyworks, located in southern West Virginia, had a conundrum: how to transition their marketing away from a focus on occupational therapy and rehab to a more rounded client base. The operational plan was to expand into a 24 hour fitness center -- a completely open market in their small urban center -- and to market it to older millenial professionals. By moving from a per-service billing schema to one based around recurring subscriptions, ownership accounted for both an increase in gross revenue month-to-month and a decreased range of revenues.

This brief is a guiding document for both myself, as the copywriter, and my client. It defines the purpose of the project, the methodology that the team will use to achieve those goals, the time scope of the project, and the points of contact for both teams.

My organizational style is very regimented, clean: I like to foster a cooperative approach with clients, an approach that has always-open lines of communication on both sides.

For this project, the brief was quite small; I compress information very well, and my thought process to both begin and manage an ongoing copywriting project.