Hi. I'm Jon.

I've always been captivated by narratives and dialogues. Not just the stories themselves, but the mechanics of how we talk to each other.

Professionaly, I have dedicated myself to being acommunicator, someone who understands not only the message but the best way to deliver a message for a given audience, how to wrap it in a narrative structure and hold audiences tight.

I have extensive experience with markdown, CMS suites (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), and DaVinci Resolve. As part of my experience, I've developed data visualizations with Tableau and R, and delivered presentations about marketing strategies -- what works, what could be improved, what KPIs did we meet or are still in reach.

The most important quality anyone can bring to a team, I think, is the ability to learn and teach. I apply my education and experience here daily: what did we do, what happened, what did we learn, and how do I wrap that up in a structure that my coworkers relate to, understad, and can apply to their own work.